About us

Our history, who we are today


Arnal is a group of businesses dedicated to the sector of professional services with national coverage. The original business was founded in 1971 by José María Arnal Gabarro as an administrative management service. During the year it was founded, we launched our first Department of Labour, Fiscal and Accounting Consulting.


Our services and team grew, thus creating the Building Administration area.


At the end of the 1980s, the evolution of the market and needs of the financial entities made Arnal a pioneer in the provision of professional services. The externalization of the pre-signature and mortgage formalization services with the implementation of the technological and telematic means made it an essential service.


We began our territorial expansion that has led us to provide services throughout the Spanish territory. A broad network of offices and territorial branch offices that operate homogeneously on the same technological platform.


We made the move to the real estate sector implementing the opening of our own real estate office with a team of experts specializing in Real Estate Services.


Currently, the Arnal businesses are structured by business area and specialties and are coordinated among themselves by a single central management. More than 300 people make up the current team,which Arnal makes available to its clients integrated into the different firms.