ARNAL is a group of companies, operating since 1971, dedicated to the Professional Services sector with state action. To do this, it offers its clients a high degree of experience and professional qualifications with the aim of providing an efficient service of the highest quality.


ARNAL continues to face its transformation with the aim of adapting to the new needs of the market and of Society to be a reference model in professional knowledge, Service and innovation.


The transformation of the three lines of business, BPO and Legal Services (provided through Amstro, born from the merger with Moner Consulting), Business Consulting and Law Firm, has been deepened to provide them with a more modern structure and organization and implement in a more extensive way the use of recent technologies.



The ARNAL Management understands that current times require a significant adaptation of the provision of services and, in addition, the market environment, as well as the volume that has been acquired, require promoting everything related to the brand, the internal organization, technology and market positioning. The changes faced do not change anything, on the contrary, they reinforce the commitment to quality and obtaining a high degree of satisfaction from our clients, whether they are financial entities or their clients.

Aware of the importance of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we structure our development through a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standard, based on the following principles:



  • COMMITMENT to our clients and interested parties, always complying with their demands and requirements in order to satisfy their needs, respecting the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes to, always maintaining ethical and responsible behavior.


  • Identify the context of our organization and determine the risks and opportunities to achieve a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the organization. Considering QUALITY as a strategic element in the organization and raising awareness and motivating professionals about the importance of implementing and developing a quality system.



  • We understand that professional services, in their most current version, require a deep component of INNOVATION, not only reduced to the scope of the use of technologies, but also in the search for new formulas to provide services, more in line with expectations. that customers have about our performance.



  • INVOLVEMENT of all staff in achieving our internal objectives and involving each and every one of the employees in improving the company, carrying out TEAMWORK.


  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION, since each of our clients has a contact person or department that will manage their case and will assist, inform, and advise them at any point in the process. He will be at your disposal to clarify any doubt that may arise.


  • Encourage and promote comprehensive prevention, through active protection of the safety and health of workers.



  • The human team that makes up ARNAL has a high degree of knowledge and extensive EXPERIENCE, which guarantees high professionalism throughout the process. We have technological tools that allow us to monitor and control the work process to avoid errors and malfunctions, providing a better service and better information to our clients.


To carry out all this, the General Management establishes all the necessary means and resources to implement them, as well as for this policy to be known, understood, and put into practice by all levels of the organization.


Barcelona, 6 september 2022

Albert Borràs Arnal