Social Corporate Responsibility

The Commitment of Arnal



Together with Agua KMZERO, we work for the reduction of plastic waste with the utilization of reusable glass bottles and the production of filtered water. Thus we avoid the use of bottled water, something that has allowed us to save more than a tonne of plastic to date.

Reduce, reuse and recycle


All of our offices apply policies for recycling and improving the use of resources, either by separating waste, travelling to work by bike or by only printing on paper when it is essential, a practice that has led us to save 6 tonnes of paper a year. Moreover, the total amount of paper used by the ARNAL team has resulted in another 6 tonnes being recycled. These are small gestures that have a big impact on our environment.


Fundació Roure

We contribute with the Roure Foundation’s mission in order to help people with social inequalities through different actions, such as collecting food, collecting donations and organizing solidarity concerts.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

With the goal of the population’s raising awareness on multiple sclerosis, which affects more than 9,000 people in Catalonia, we collaborate with a campaign “An Apple for Life” and “Get Moving for Multiple Sclerosis” from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Our small contribution to offering necessary services during the evolution of this disease.